Success with Debt, A Road Map to Financial Freedom

How Do I Achieve Financial Freedom?
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Our knowledge, experience and tools let us cut through the numbers to get to the heart of your money situation. Our core principles cover wills, powers of attorney, home loans, savings, and all types of insurance, including life, trauma, health and income protection.. Our Guidance is Free! Yes, our guidance is free. We happily share all our knowledge and experience of working with hundreds of clients with you at no cost.

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Our goal is to help prepare a Financial Blueprint for you to achieve your financial goals. Need Help? Step 2: Where you want to be? Work with you to understand your concerns and clarify your goals. Step 3: An action plan to see you right We tailor a plan which is critical for success in the years ahead. Part of achieving financial success is knowing what a good financial position is and having a good plan in place to achieve it. Our free financial health check helps identify areas of strength or concern in your current financial situation for the LiveWell team to follow up with you on.

Is your cash situation in hand? Do you have any large upcoming expenses and is your cash surplus working for you? Is your superannuation organised? Do you have all your money in one fund? Are you on track for retirement? Do you have personal insurance for unforeseen circumstances. Do you have protection against loss of income or other circumstances and are you covered for disability and death? Does your Will and Power of Attorney express your wishes for when you are no longer here or have the capacity to act? Do you have unmanageable debt? He keeps complicated financial topics simple and puts our interests first.

Joel always looks after you, and provides any assistance he can. A huge thanks to you, our great friend and awesome financial consultant, Joel Ganino, who went above and beyond to make it happen. Our checklist is the foundation which empowers you to confidently move towards financial freedom so you can retire early with peace of mind..

We look at your current lifestyle and any changes on the horizon. This lesson introduces long-term strategies used to build wealth. It is designed to improve your understanding of investing. Setting yourself on the path to financial freedom involves more than owning a parcel of shares or buying an investment property. To ensure financial security, your investments should be part of a comprehensive approach. Remember, it is your money to grow or lose.

In a fast-changing world, the stakes are high for investors. Retirement fund legislation has undergone significant changes with virtually all pension funds now operating on the defined contributions basis and the portfolios are market related. This structure puts the responsibility of choosing the "right" portfolios on the shoulders of the individual, who has either a very limited knowledge of the share market or none at all. Secondly, terms such as wealth management and margin lending are increasingly becoming a part of everyday language.

A Life-changing Roadmap for Creating Financial & Location Independence in One Year

The Internet has also altered the way people think about, and act on, investment strategies. Of course, some things do not change: spreading risk across various asset classes is still the golden rule. The fact that you are reading this lesson is a good sign. It means that you are serious about getting your finances in order, or topping up your investment pool.

Taking time to understand investing will dramatically increase your chances of success. Please understand that we are wealth educators — NOT financial advisers or planners. Therefore we cannot and do not provide you with specific financial advice about investments. We believe that you are the best person to understand and decide how to manage your own financial affairs. We believe that proper research, personal understanding and financial education are the foundations for achieving financial freedom. We encourage you to use the information you read and hear, to research various possibilities to discover what investment vehicles and business opportunities are right for you at this and future points in your life.

There is perhaps no more important decision than to take charge of your own financial future. We live in a world of opportunity, and yet most people are buried in credit card and other debt. We are surrounded by people who are getting rich, but most of us are running on the spot.

Step #1: Learn How to Manage Money

If you can read this, you are literate and have a computer; then you are part of the "wired generation". You can become as financially independent as you wish to be. Mastering these principles will get you on the path to financial freedom faster. To maximise your wealth creation success we strongly recommend that you start with the first principle and work your way through the principles.

Here are the Top 10 principles to wealth creation:.

First, you must establish your goals in writing. In , Napoleon Hill published the results of his study in his best-selling book Think and Grow Rich of America 's most successful men to find a formula for creating wealth. Successful wealth creators did! Goal setting sounds so simple you will be tempted to skip past here.

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Do not! Being focused is thereby a powerful wealth creation force that few people harness reducing their financial security and freedom.

7 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom - Brian Tracy

You accelerate your success when you learn from successful people. Very few wealthy people set out with a goal to simply become wealthy. Money for money 's sake was not what got them started and not what kept them going. Achieving their driving goals, proving their ability to themselves, the love of achieving and improving their personal best was what mattered most.

That is why goal setting is so important. Yet, so few people set goals for themselves. What motivates you? Mostly likely it will not be reaching a certain Rand sum, but rather being able to afford certain choices in life, for example: taking a year off and travelling around the world, affording to start your own business, educate your children, give your kids a head start in life, etc. Make your goals specific and measurable so you can see your success and focus on achieving it. Specific and measurable goals are much easier to break down into smaller, achievable components so that you can monitor your success.

Goals should be challenging, but not unbelievable, just out of reach but not out of sight. For example, if you are currently 40 years of age and you want to save R1-million by the time you reach age 65, you can work out exactly how much money you need to save each month in order to reach that goal on time.

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Decide to be financially successful. This is different than wishing, hoping, wanting or even desiring to be rich. Make a commitment that this is going to happen! Financial freedom is not an accident or matter of luck, and it usually requires some inconvenience. Have you decided to achieve this goal?

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Make a plan to achieve your goals. Having a clear, written plan helps an investor stay focused and on course. Many people are afraid to have a plan because they are not sure what they really want or are afraid things will change.

IGrow Wealth Plan

If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. If so, you could always go to another class near you and find your lost motivation. This is where our family purpose statement comes into play, because money is one part of many facets to our life. As a result, we may have struggled for years and even reached some of our goals but wound up feeling exhausted, our lives out of balance. This is a sample of some of our sinking funds with Capital One Once a year, list your assets and debts to get a sense of your net worth. The most important thing that you must do before you start on this journey is to commit to a plan.

You can always change your plan, but put those changes in writing. That will make you think about them carefully and help you avoid impulse changes.