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Fast forward six years. Subject Seven, now calling himself Joe Bronx, is breaking kneecaps and taking names, all in a quest to hunt down Evelyn Hope and destroy her company.

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He's torturing a young man with amnesia, named Hunter, and gathering together a gang of super-human Hulk-like mutants who were also created by Evelyn Hope's company. Can they figure out what the shizz is going on? Can they take down Evelyn Hope? Can they stop narrating their thoughts in a way that makes me want to drive dressing pins into my eyes? Because, um, this is Book One in a series.

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Evelyn Hope is a crazy maniacal cold-hearted biatch, and Joe Bronx is a ruthless killing machine with a habit for narrating his life in a way I find annoying. There actually is some sex in this book or at least the memories of same , but I was so grossed out with the imagery that I just skimmed over it. I mean, who wants to think about two seven-feet tall muscular, genetically-altered people going at it?

I guess if that's what floats your boat, go for it. I mean, it's cool. I'm not about to pass a Defense of Marriage Act declaring that marriage is only between two people who haven't been genetically altered to respond to a kill switch, or anything. I just don't want to think about it in my brainspace. A couple of weeks ago, the ladies of FYA decided we'd be unveiling soon!

So, like, subbing in actual good YA books instead of crappy Moby Dick when everyone hates. On first thought, this book could be a contendor for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ; I mean, strong and superhuman Ids with the moral compass of a six month old? But the writing in this is just a little too stilted, a little too self-explanatory, a little too dumbed-down. I am not someone who tolerates being told the same information over and over.

Subject Seven Series

People who read YA are not dumb, as we all know here, and I don't want to be written to as if I am dumb. This is the author's first YA novel he's written several adult lit books , so I get the feeling that he thought he had to dumb down his premise, you know, for the children. Except teenagers are actually CURRENTLY being taught to read critically, and we adults spend most of our time working and paying bills, so which group really needs the dumbed-down books, I ask you? Well, I do always love a good government conspiracy.

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Subject Seven book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Years ago, scientists began developing the ultimate military weapon. Subject Seven (Subject Seven, #1) and Run (Subject Seven, #2).

Particularly when the conspiracies are about, like, creating a race of mutant super soldiers, and less when they're about, say, secretly funnelling money to ultra-conservative religious zealots in other countries so that they can oust dictators we may find pesky. And then whining about the consequences of those actions.

Run: A Subject Seven Novel by James A. Moore Book Reviews

This book has at least one thing going for it: lots o' violence. What can I say?

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