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It is easy to get ahead of oneself out of curiosity and optimism, and end up on the wrong end of a karmic reprimand. I have seen this in many of my friends, too, who have been dabbling with business i sat ankle-deep in for a while, and they ended up very far from where they were aiming.

Truly inspirational. The most important thing to keep in mind is that all the knowledge necessary to find the methods of mo-pai are available in other places. There are truck-loads of books which can be read on the subject, all from classics of taoism to 19th century european mysticism, and most of all one can simply look around oneself and see the forces used in mo-pai neikung at work. Everything is based on nature, and that great swivelling chain of effects that grows a seed from a flower.

See what makes that flower bloom? That each time it has blossomed, it creates the possibility to grow many flowers more?

Is not that the same with our chi, bringing something to fruition so that it may replicate itself on a greater scale, until we are complete? That is the way I have found, and the way I practice; a way guided by natural law, guiding me from a seed to a sapling, a sapling to a tree, a tree to a forest, and thereon into greatness. See you all at the end of mine and yours, where we come back full circle. Many of old tradition and knowledge is lost.

Almost everything will dissappear. I would like to learn the method. This my friends is Chi Kung. I just want more understanding of this Universe.

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To do that I search for better ways to know thy self as human, energy er spirit. Also since I was a kid I feel something in my palms and I would like to cultivate that part of me. Ive read the Magus of Java numerous times, and each time it leads me to think in depth about the my life and the western way of life in general. John Chang has made available fairly concrete evidence that Internal Arts can be used to improve lives, both of the practicioner and the world in general. It is amazing that so many people on here seem to have productive motives and want to better themselves change the world in the same way that I do.

It also surpises me that when i first laid eyes on this page i thought that it was no longer active which was back when I first began searching for a way to follow the teachings of a mo pai student with or without a teacher.

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Questions and Answers on Learning Mo Pai Nei Kung (Second Expanded Edition) - Kindle edition by Shifu Lin, Lung Hu Shan Publications. Download it once. Questions and Answers on Learning Mo Pai Nei Kung - Kindle edition by Shifu Lin, This book is the second in a series of works by Shifu Lin, on Mo Pai Nei Kung. Length: 77 pages, Word Wise: Enabled, Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled .

The last time I seen this page was around the begining of august and now about a month later I can see people have been responding on this page. While I was reading the Magus Of Java, I felt like everything John Changs master told him that was required of a disciple described everything that I have. In all actuallity I still feel like I have what it takes and currently I might be taking a dangerous path of blindly walking the Lei Shan Dao or Thunder Path without any confirmation on whether what I feel is right is indeed the right way to follow this path.

Although a reply to this comment regarding guidance on my path would be appreciated, I guees I just wanted to confess things lol. Another confession is that I didnt get to say all that I wanted to but I dont write a whole story on here. If anyone can help me on my path and is willing to do so, feel free to contact me. The dew rises to the tip of the grass to meet the Sun.

In the hours before the light the day Star seeks to arise in you. The yin seeks its path up the root of the tree most at the early time of the dew to go up to the Sun. So in you this time is also the same.

The Yin will come up through you to meet the rising Sun as you take the deep breath of life. With focus you will soon understand how to fuse the two as does the eel. No master is needed if you let the signs of nature be your path. Some would say this is re inventing the wheel or re-discovering the wisdom, but I say he who truly is worthy and seeks the treasures of the Creator will know them by Him.

I have met with masters that were not happy with what I know, even when I told them that the secret lies in the parables of the 4 Gospels they were mad not realizing that the mystery in the Holy Word is made perfect and manifest in the revelations of the creation. Psalms I for one believe you do err not realizing that the masters you speak of and the sages of old are not the same of today, some who even dare accept methods of worship for then hold secret that which they think they understand yet the true wise men of old knew that it was passed from Adam to Shem through the great flood.

Men what you seek you will find much better in seeking the God of creation to reveal it directly.

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I challenge you to ask at the early hour what He would have you know and in the same day you will find it. I am open to questions if you have some, and by my answers you will know they are not of me but of One much wiser than I. Daniel For me…. My sole goal is dying properly.

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To do this one must cultivate a vehicle that does not shatter upon death. This is my primary concern. My current teachers have tought me how to meditate, alchemically, which is helping me build such a vehicle and now that my energy is really flowing I feel the need for an energy system that builds structure in my energy body which I believe will help me cultivate this vehicle even more.

My main goal is to find a system, whether MoPai or something else, that can guide me on this path.

Beginning Mo Pai Nei Kung (Third Expanded Edition)

Recreating the wheel is not an option and I firmly believe that the right teacher will show up when I am ready. Hi i watched the program rings of fire around in and it really amazes me how Master John lighted the paper, however international colleagues Digital Equip commented that it was performed with sleight of hand and chemicals. This is in order to reach the highest potential in my life and help others in their healings.

Regarding post If you went to the inner city and showed people a Trigonometry equation, and then proceeded to solve it they would have the same incredulous and disbelieving stance. The Illuminati are just as progressed as a high degree adept, the focus is just different. Thunderbird: By stating that mental is the key to spiritual you are basically separating them.

Also I heard from masters that if you build and fill up your dantien using only your imagination, your dantien will be imaginary. Your have to will it by using your intent. What better reason to learn the to give us as a species hope for the future because so many are lost in material items, greed, and who can forget Self-prosperity. Then again teaching this to the masses could kill us all off so i guess its a double edge sword. Secondly to show the masses how much we need our environment, that the earth is more then commodities.

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Above all though I would have to say to befriend a teacher like Master Chang so much power and yet so modest for lack of a better word. I would like to thank the people who run this site as well as those who contribute for helping people find their paths or helping them along. The needleless acupuncture is mad cool too If ANYONE was meant to know how to gain these abilities… Then the immortal masters would know them already and send a teacher. Then you can expand by yourself.

Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Mo Pai Nei Kung - Sifu John Chang's Western student

Practice more, practice better, practice with love. Blessings Yadi Alamin.

They would test the shit out of the student anyway and bind them with a blood oath at the least as per Kostas explanation. I would think that the whole learning and tradition will die… it will not continue… this new age is not one of war… but of self development, so then anybody drawn to this for that reason would not find a teacher. There are so many secrets in many lines of occult and gnosttic study that they would fill the vatican 10 times over.

We should only seek what is in our truest heart not what facinates us, for as John came upon this was a mark of destiny.. John needs to transend personal failure and forgive himself for his own shortcomings… pull his head out his arse and move on. I am disgusted.

Questions and Answers on Learning Mo Pai Nei Kung

I am without mercy or pity for these failures. We all need to appreciate this as an example of humanity in all its forms, all its glory and greatness and its pitiful weakness. How can you model yourself on this man.