Pushing Sugar: Straight Talk About Sugar and How the Corporate Food Giants Are Tricking You

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Keep topped up with water. According to the Institute of Medicine an adequate intake of water for women is 2. Avoid artificial sweeteners. It may seem like the healthy option but artificial sweeteners can actually encourage sugar cravings by feeding your sweet tooth. Instead, he suggests allowing our tastebuds to adjust to less sweet exposure. Limit your alcohol.

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It's not only the sugar in the alcohol itself that should be avoided but the aftermath on our cravings. Keep a food diary. Do snack. Don't try to cut out snacks altogether - rather plan for them so cravings don't creep up on you. Share this article Share. Most watched News videos BBC: Emily Maitlis too 'personal' during Newsnight debate Former Malaysia King's ex-wife tells how marriage collapsed Brawl erupts in chicken shop after customer launches item at staff Hilarious moment UK grandmother struggles to use Amazon's Alexa Racist man tells woman to speak English at McDonald's in Georgia Bust slip and concussion for couple after this Dirty Dancing lift fail Russian woman shares video with model sister before her brutal murder Amal Clooney says leaders with liberal values need to step up Baby Archie meets the Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town Jackie O responds to Kyle's backlash over Virgin Mary comments Kyle Sandilands apologises for his Virgin Mary comments Woman allegedly grabbed by the neck and thrown onto the pavement.

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I bought 20 Sugar Blues three papers every day, always paying with a pound note. The heavy coins I received in change were fastened to my midriff and groin with hospital tape. Every day when they weighed me in, I had gained a couple of pounds by magic. On D-day, I climbed the scale triumphantly. My buddies nursed me and protected me and brought me back to life by carting me goodies from the PX—I was too weak to get there myself.

Three weeks in the desert and I was as good as new. There was no PX for miles. My only diversions were the ocean and Algerian beer. We lived off the land, no fancy rations and luxuries. Some brought along pots and pans, ducks and geese, sheep and goats, wives and mistresses. For months I went unpaid, I had to forage for clothes and shoes, and I never saw the inside of a PX again. It was all on the black market. We lived on horsemeat, rabbit, squirrel, dark French peasant bread, and whatever else could be scrounged. Winter in the Vosges mountains was brutal and endless, yet I never had a cold or a sniffle.

I was never sick for a day in the eighteen months I spent in France and Germany with them. I might have saved myself years of waste, but I was a total idiot, without half the brain or instinct for survival possessed by the lice in my helmet. Within weeks I was flat on my back with one strange malady after another. My hemorrhoids blossomed. Every day my fever rose and fell.

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Batteries of tests produced It Is Necessary to be Personal G f diseases: Infectious mononucleosis, atypical Sria, hepatitis, shingles, exotic skin conditions, ear infections eye diseases. When I ran out of money, I discovered the wonders of socialized medicine at the Veterans Administration. I became a charter member of Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I enrolled in one of the first prepaid group medical plans. For over fifteen years, I subjected myself to an endless whirligig of doctors, hospitals, diagnosis, treatment, tests and more tests, drugs and more drugs.

During all that rigamarole, I cannot recall a single doctor out of the dozens who treated me who ever displayed the slightest curiosity about what I ate and drank. Inevitably, the day arrived when the drugs were no longer effective. Migraine headaches would not go away. I simply could not endure the pain any longer. After all the machines had spoken, the young doctor translated it all for me.

No cancer, no brain tumor, no this, no that. In fact, he smiled happily, I was a perfect specimen, normal in every respect for my age. Incredulous, I stammered: But what do I do about the headaches. A week or two?

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I was ready for the worst and this was it. I telephoned a friend whose father had been a famous physician.

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He had connections with a fancy society physician on Park Avenue. They took out a huge forbidding syringe and sprayed something very cool up my nostrils. After a nap I had my first relief in days. I knew enough about drugs to know it had been cocaine.

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Well, I thought, this is how junkies begin. Then my friend put me on a diet. This seemed bizarre but I decided to humor him.

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He took me off cigarettes and coffee, suggested oatmeal in the morning, rice for lunch, and more rice and chicken for dinner. His diagnosis: Postural 22 Sugar Blues hypotension—slowing down of circulation. I tried giving up coffee and cigarettes, but it made it almost impossible for me to work. My day began with coffee—huge jugs of it with sugar and cream. I might have four or five before noon.

Restaurant chains are quietly pushing sugar on your kids

I tried his diet and got temporary relief. Then I would binge until the headaches returned. Then I would try again. Pain is the final warning.


It activates the same part of your brain as heroin does. As leaders this is easier said than done. Quentin Fottrell. Like all character traits, gratitude is expressed in action. British Columbia has gone from 5 to 50 in about three years. In Great at Work , Hansen reports on a five-year survey of 5, managers and employees, including sales reps, lawyers, actuaries, brokers, medical doctors, software programmers, engineers, store managers, plant foremen, nurses and even a Las Vegas casino dealer.

Sugar is poison, it said, more lethal than opium and more dangerous than atomic fallout. Shades of Gloria Swanson and the sugar cube. I had nothing to lose but my pains.

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I began next morning with firm resolve. I threw all the sugar out of my kitchen.