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Strange metal found in shipwreck may be proof of Atlantis
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What seems to have gone unremarked in previous discussions of the chronology of the wager is that Lewis identified two later — and therefore more immediate — catalysts for his space-travel novel Out of the Silent Planet.

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The second was a conversation with a pupil probably in June The accumulation of catalysts seems to favour the latter part of the sixteen-month span. The rest is well known.

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This, of course, became The Lord of the Rings. In this piece, Garth looks at an important point in and , where Tolkien and C.

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Lewis created a SciFi wager, challenging each other to write the stories that simply were not being published. This wager is known to spur on C. It was also a prophetic moment, for within a couple of decades both authors would be best-in-show Fantasy authors, and SciFi will have exploded in popularity. What Garth does here and in the article he links is focus the lens on some overlooked facts that fill in our understanding of Tolkien, Lewis, and their creative process.

I hope you enjoy, and take the time to test his work. Do we know if Lewis knew about it? Reading lately about mediaeval treatments of both Elves and Merlin in the J. Thanks for this, David! I think you make a very valuable suggestion about Roverandom.

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Hammond and Scull argue persuasively that this phase includes not only the full page Roverandom typescript but an earlier one that stopped after nine pages. But given his part in urging The Hobbit forward, and his more general role as chief motivator, it does seem likely that Tolkien would have told him he was going to submit Farmer Giles of Ham and Roverandom.

teipenonsre.tk Thank you again. If Tolkien was indeed allowing Cave Bear to espouse this, he may have been playing with something else as well. De Costa offers a convenient if in many ways startling overview with quotations in Inventio Fortunata: Arctic exploration with an account of Nicholas of Lynn , conveniently scanned in the Internet Archive. That, in turn, really gets me wanting to reread The Notions Club Papers — and the Dark Tower drafts — to see just how contemporary or imagined future!

English interrelations with time and space are at work in each!


Chronology is very favorable to the possibility. Lewis would have been likely to see the novel and to appreciate its freedom from irrelevant romantic affairs and so on.

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The latter episode seems to be a riposte to the former episode. Hi Dale and thanks for the great review of Tolkien and the Great War all those years ago! This is very interesting indeed. Chronology can be a great help in forming judgements about possible intertextual contacts like this; and the idea of a riposte makes for a plausible motive.

In praise of Stargate Atlantis' Rodney McKay

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Raise your hand if you watched Star Trek and Star Wars as a kid and then wanted to go to a galaxy far, far away to join the Rebellion, or to sign up for Starfleet to boldly go where no one has gone before?

Well, Rodney McKay does all that. But Rodney? And he still gets to follow those dreams and be a hero.

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She could teach classes in how to write action. We planted that garden because we had to eat. However, there are lots of new characters for Gwen to win over. I just hope Gwen doesn't come across as being so helpless. However, each hammer only gets in one swing, as it mystically disappears into the humid Atlantis air after each swing.

Because Stargate Atlantis is a show where knowledge saves the day as often as blowing things up, where mind so often triumphs over matter, and Rodney McKay incarnates that. Seriously, he quite literally saves people with his brain.

Dreams of Atlantis

Which, I know, is something that also happens on Star Trek, because the Federation believes in asking questions first and shooting as a last resort. He also gets the girl.

#12 Legend of Atlantis

Universe from Serenity with his lonely love-bot. He gets chosen over characters played by the gorgeous Jason Momoa.

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McKay actually breaks hearts. To me, that was mind-blowing because it was so rare.


Geeks on the show are socially awkward, obsessed with silly and meaningless topics, and outright laughable. Rodney McKay undermines all of that. We love science fiction shows because they open new worlds for us.